Flow State Runner teaches you how to


Attain high quality, fulfilling running experiences


Set the conditions for experiencing flow (in-the-zone performance)


Integrate the best physical, mental, and spiritual techniques to suit your needs and style


Connect to your peak potential with breath training, potent visualization practices, and a compelling set of mental training tools


Enhance your approach to training and racing with creative structure, immediately useful templates & lists, and helpful race day routines


Proactively address overload, stress, and balance

Here’s one of many mind tools offered in the book…


What Our Readers Are Saying

Coach Jeff Grant has been a massive inspiration and source of encouragement to me. I can't recommend his new book enough. Game/life changer.

Mike Smith

London, UK

Whether you are a new runner or a competitive athlete, Jeff Grant's innovative concepts will forever change your perspective on the mental game of running! Flow State Runner is the culmination of the author's passion for both running and coaching, and this book provides you with an entire toolbox of techniques to transform your inner critic into your own private running coach. Jeff shares his personal experiences starting out as an out-of-shape IT professional completing his first 5k, and takes you on the journey with him as he engages his own inner coach to become an elite athlete, competing in races and completing endurance events all over the world. He teaches you what "flow state" is, how to achieve it in training, and maintain it even when you are fatigued and struggling. Flow State Runner integrates mindfulness and visualization into your races and training runs, and elevates these to the same importance as stretching and weekly mileage. If your running has become routine and you are looking to add that spark back to your training and racing, or if you currently dread running and can't figure out why so many people enjoy it, this book is for you!

Kiston Finney


Flow State Runner not only offers a relateable way of coaching, but an obtainable way of BEING. Although this book is geared towards the endurance runner, his methods guide you to obtain a mind set that you will attain and integrate into your life. Flow State Runner's format reads as if the author was right next to you. I greatly appreciated getting a glimpse into the coaches mind through personal experiences, success and how we can get through the barriers we all share as critically thinking humans. Our minds are constantly racing. I was able to utilize this practical structure and see immediate results! I have found greater connection to self and heightened awareness around my physical and mental relationship. I now have the right tools to create my vision and know how to connect & manifest my greatest potential! Runners, cyclists, lifters, hikers,swimmers, competitive or recreational athletes will find success by putting their "Flow State" into practice. If you've lost your way or are looking to get an additional edge, Flow State Runner is the key to your success!

Danielle Gordon


Flow State Runner starts where other running books fear to tread. This is so much more than a guide to putting one foot in front of the other. Because beyond the endless steps there's your mind keeping your focus in check and you enter a state of automation that allows your body to perform to the fore; this is where Jeff Grant takes you. And nurtures those skills that we all potentially have, but few harness. Yes, there are exercises to perform, tips to quicken your pace and also how to position your landings with the Pose method, but this just touches on the rich content. There's a deep psychology at play when you tune your mind to let you run freely, Jeff explores those inner workings and shows you how you can improve the mindset to let your body perform as it was designed. All I can say as an early reader, is do your mind, body and feet a favor and read Flow State Runner from cover to cover and realize what you've been missing before.

P. Lewis


I’m only 40 pages in and I'm hooked. Excellent, original and refreshing read. I found myself furiously taking notes, regarding the transfer of learning, seeing excellence in other endeavors and translating it to not only my running, but my efforts in martial arts and self defense instruction. Thanks for writing this book, it's a gift to all that read it.

J. Righeimer

As a runner whose performances had begun to plateau and who was struggling for motivation, Jeff’s book has proved to be the perfect tonic. It provides a great framework for reviewing your goals, assessing your performances and better evaluating your effort whilst you are out training/racing. What I found most useful was the wealth of tools and triggers to help you get the most out of your running. Drawing on Jeff’s experience not only as an endurance athlete, but also from has vast array of other interests and hobbies, this book broadened my horizons and provided me with thought provoking insight.

CM Johnson

I really enjoyed reading this book, more than I expected. It's well written, flows really well, fun, entertaining, serious, practical, very well-informed and very dense but so smooth to read! This book is very personal, meaning the author put a lot of himself inside, it's a book of your 40 years of life. We can feel this when we're reading it. The author did it in a good way, nothing selfish, just using and exposing his experience. That's why is such a good book. Reading it gives you more than just technical pointers for runners, it's more like a therapy. Because of a knee injury I am not able to run or any other sport at the moment, but reading "Flow State Runner" was my practice. I highly recommend this book to everybody even non-runners.


In 2014 I was fortunate to be coached by Jeff Grant at the SealFit Academy in California. This year(2016) I completed the Marathon Des Sables, a 250 km foot race across the Sahara desert. It was a race the kind of which I didn’t know existed, let alone would dare to consider entering before meeting Jeff. The same positivity and infectious enthusiasm that impacted me in person, shines through in the words of his book and if you follow him for the journey, you will also be inspired to smash through your limitations and perform at a level you didn’t think was possible. Jeff’s vast coaching experience and broad areas of expertise, including music and yoga, create truly unique insights to capturing that elusive ‘flow state' where we both feel our best and perform our best. Likewise this rewarding flow state cultivated through running can spill over to benefit all other aspects of our lives. Whether you’re just thinking about starting to run or well into your athletic career at an elite level, this book shows you how to integrate the specific techniques, mindset and beliefs to richly increase your experience at any point of the journey. Can’t recommend this book and the concepts Jeff teaches enough. Game/Life changer

M. Smith

Need a book to help you get out the door and into better shape – both physically and mentally? I can highly recommend Jeff Grant’s “Flow State Runner”. It packs 20+ years of personal experience into one easy-to-read book. His emotional stories of ultra-marathons and endurance events keep the book flowing and entertaining. As a fledgling runner, I learned not only about good running form, but more importantly how to deal with the never-ending onslaught of self-doubt and discomfort during a run. Jeff provides numerous tips, tools, templates and techniques to use no matter what your personality or fitness level is. He teaches the power of our own Inner Coach. Want to find the flow in running? Jeff shows you how.

Suzy C.

With "Flow State Runner" Jeff Grant does a fabulous job of not only providing technical information on becoming a better runner, but a wealth of information that leads to an even more important accomplishment; learning to love running. Whether running for fitness, racing a 5K or marathon, or testing yourself at the level of long distance endurance races, a key to success is the ability to find pleasure in the activity. Technique will only take you so far. Flow State Runner provides insight that will put pleasure in the experience, which equates to huge benefits in body and spirit. I once found little pleasure in running, but the methodology and philosophies shared in the book took me from having never run more than a 5K, to completing a 50 mile trail run, with less than 5 months of training, at the age of 55; and loving the experience. The bonus! I now enjoy running.

Joe Lancaster

About the Author

Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant is known for infectious enthusiasm, positive energy, and always sharing a smile. He fully embraced a philosophy of “Do what you love” in 2010 by leaving a successful 18-year corporate career to focus full time on coaching, motivational speaking, and writing. Jeff is a coach & mentor, writer, ultra-endurance athlete and a hillseeker in all walks of life. He also an active supporter of charity work in Malawi and Cambodia as a Board of Directors member at the nonprofit Face-to-Face Project.

In 2010, Jeff founded Hillseeker Fitness GmbH, a Swiss-based firm that delivers coaching advice, books, and training plans to a global audience, in-person training in Switzerland via the Hillseeker Training Center, and motivational speaking to groups and companies. He launched the FLOW STATE Coaching series of books in 2016, starting with Flow State Runner and Flow State Hill Training. In 2018, Jeff released Run Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks in partnership with SEAL Grinder PT.

Jeff has a 20-year background in endurance and adventure sports. He has finished some of the toughest events on the planet, including the Marathon des Sables (a weeklong stage race through the Moroccan Sahara), the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (a 166KM extremely mountainous run in the Alps), numerous ultra marathons, Ironman Hawaii and other long distance triathlons, mountaineering expeditions, and even some shark diving.

In 2010, Jeff branched out from traditional endurance sports to complete the grueling SEALFIT Kokoro Camp, a 50-hour non-stop, no-sleep crucible modeled after the US Navy SEAL’s Hell Week and designed to teach mental toughness and test participant’s limits across many spectrums. After several years of hard work, Jeff earned a unique civilian instructor position in the cadre for this grueling and transformational mental and physical challenge.


Jeff is a qualified yoga teacher, with over 600 hours of teacher education and 20+ years of practice. He also completed numerous CrossFit and other movement-related certifications, ran a CrossFit gym and functional training center for 5+ years, and studied the Pose Method® directly from Dr. Nicolas Romanov.


Jeff has coached countless runners in workshops in Switzerland and the US, runs the Hillseeker® online coaching business, and enjoys tapping into his corporate experience as a motivational speaker for businesses and teams. He also enjoys playing jazz trombone, blues harmonica, and African drums, as well as dancing Lindy Hopp.


From the Author

I designed Flow State Runner to include a large amount of coaching input, from a super hero’s utility belt of mind tools to guidance on training and workout design. I also dive into the topic of racing, where I provide pre- and post-race rituals and other valuable coaching insights. My aim is to help you advance your running practice in a sustainable manner that leads to higher performance and increased experiences of flow while on the road, trails, or in life in general.

This book is animated by what I’ve learned and developed on my 20-year quest to maximize fulfillment in my life, to pursue epic challenges, and to push past what I thought were my genetic limits. I don’t consider myself an elite runner — far from it. While I do have a collection of race medals across all distances — from my coveted first 5K to extreme ultra marathons and stage races — none are for podium finishes. Development as a runner was a challenge for me — nothing came easily, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Overcoming this challenge yielded my special journey of learning and enabled me to become an effective coach for thousands of runners in workshops and my online coaching practice.

Driven by a passion to unlock a creative and highly effective set of coaching tools, my immersion into the world of human performance, inner coaching, and flow led me to pursue new experiences in skydiving, surfing, learning new musical instruments, motorcycle superbike racing, skateboarding, dancing, gourmet cooking, handstand training, and meditation. This eclectic mix of pursuits offered many opportunities to study fear, the process of overcoming struggle, and ultimately performing at one’s highest potential.

My passion is coaching. It’s the fire behind a rocket-fueled approach to life that leaves me buzzing with each opportunity to work in-person or virtually with runners, athletes, moms and dads, teens, executives, and anyone else who wants to learn a new paradigm and improve themselves. I’ve directed that passion into developing this resource to have a profound impact on your running.

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